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About Project Thrive

OfferZen’s Project Thrive 12-week mentoring programme aims to connect senior developers who want to pay-it-forward by helping junior developers. At Project Thrive, we remove the uncertainty of finding vetted mentees and provide you with a framework of how you can make the most of your mentoring relationship. With this project, our aim is to provide an opportunity to foster meaningful relationships between mentor and mentee that will lead to cross-cultural knowledge transfer within the tech community.

How the programme works

The Project Thrive mentorship programme is guided by the specific area of development that a mentee would like their mentor to support or guide them with. The mentor is an experienced developer who has been where the mentee is. They can help support and guide the mentee as they navigate the next steps of their career.

Meeting up

For the 12-week programme, you’ll need to check in weekly for 45 mins - 1 hour.

What to expect from your mentor

As a mentee, you can think of your mentor as a guide or supporter. They are there to support you as you work through the areas you need support on. They’re not a teacher or a coach. They can’t tell you what to do. You’ll need to let your mentor know what it is you need guidance on, so you need to be open about your needs, your challenges and share your successes! The benefit of having a mentor is someone who has been where you are. They are there to help you succeed. They’re your friend in the trenches.

What to expect from your mentee

As a mentor, your mentee is going through a process of learning. They’re learning about the world of work, how to be professional and how to show value to their team - a lot of it is new! They will start the relationship with an idea of what it is they want to learn or get better at, and from there, the two of you can work together on the mentee's goals they’re looking to achieve. You can think of your role as a mentor as a guide or buddy to your mentee. While you may not have the answers or exact experience they are levelling up in, you have the experience of the industry and a lot you’ve learned along the way that will benefit them as they start their tech careers.

Support from the Project Thrive Team

Throughout the 12-week programme, our mentoring coordinator will be checking in with both mentors and mentees regularly to make sure that the mentorship programme continues to be valuable for both participants. Our mentoring coordinator will also be responsible for setting up the initial match between mentor and mentee and provide them with training on mentoring best practices to help them get started.


If you're interested in joining the Project Thrive mentoring programme as either a mentor or a mentee, sign up here