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How to Use This Guide

This guide breaks down different aspects of the mentoring relationship. It'll outline the expectations of both mentors and mentees and mentoring best practices, as well as provide some helpful frameworks around which to structure the mentoring relationship.

Each mentoring relationship is different—each pair will set different goals and face different challenges. For this reason, each pair may rely on a different framework to help them structure their mentoring relationship. Our guide is therefore designed to be easy to skim to find the particular information you're looking for, but also to provide depth if you want to learn more about a topic.

The goal of this guide is to provide mentors and mentees with the knowledge and tools to set themselves up for success as they begin their mentoring journey.


How can you help?

We want to make sure that we curate content that is valuable to you in your own mentoring journey. Let us know about content that you'd like to add to the guide by submitting them here or by creating an issue on GitHub. You are also welcome to make suggestions or edits to the guide yourself. The idea is that we build this guide together. 🚀