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The Ultimate Developer Mentoring Guide 🚀


This guide has been developed by OfferZen in collaboration with Project Thrive community members.

We launched the Project Thrive mentoring programme because we believe in the power of mentorship. Whether you're a mentor or a mentee, the mentoring relationship can have numerous benefits on your professional, and even your personal, growth. Over the last couple of years of running our programme, we've learnt a lot about what makes a mentoring pair successful, as well as about the common challenges that mentoring pairs experience.

This guide will provide you with tips and frameworks to help you make the most of your mentoring relationship.


If you're a developer reading this guide and have questions relating to mentoring that we haven't covered, please submit them here or create an issue on GitHub. We want to make sure that we curate content that is useful to you. You are also welcome to make suggestions or edits to the guide so that we can build this out together. 🤝