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Mentor List

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Here is a list of all our mentors. Please help clean up the UI!

Picture of Benjamin Scholtz

Benjamin Scholtz

📍 Cape Town, South Africa

💼 Product development, Software modelling and simulation, Data analytics, Python, Typescript, Elixir/Phoenix, Startups/Entrepreneurship

🕒 Wednesdays and Fridays, flexible / TBC with mentee

💬 @Benjamin Scholtz on ZATech Slack

I have worked in various roles over the past 7 years from startups to product dev houses, and so on.

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Picture of Stephen van der Heijden

Stephen van der Heijden

📍 Amsterdam, Netherlands

💼 Product development, Automation, LLM/VectorDB, Google Apps Script, Not writing code, Startups/Entrepreneurship

🕒 Wednesdays and Fridays, flexible / TBC with mentee

💬 @suitophobia on ZATech Slack

Maintainer of this repo. Exec Producer of TS, Laravel, and Svelte Documentaries

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Picture of Jason Tame

Jason Tame

📍 Durban, South Africa

💼 Full-stack Software Development, Engineering Management, JavaScript/TypeScript, PHP

🕒 Wednesday or Thursday evenings, Saturday morning or afternoon

💬 @JasonTame on ZATech Slack

Engineering manager at OfferZen. Previously, full-stack software developer at the Interaction Design Foundation, Advantage Learning Technologies, Pango

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