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Mentoring Session Plan

Meeting agendas. For some, they’re the broccoli of the working world: some people like them, we all know we need them, but they aren’t a favourite 🥦

In a mentoring relationship, a meeting agenda is a very good way to focus the session and provides both mentor and mentee with a good insight into what is top of mind for the other person.

Depending on what you’ve decided on in your mentoring agreement, maybe you’ll share a meeting agenda the day before your next session, or work on it together at the beginning of the session. Either way, you’ll want to create your agenda before you start your conversation.

Getting started

  • Decide who is responsible for completing the session agenda
  • Decide when the meeting agenda should be shared with the other person
  • Remember, the agenda is here to help you have a great conversation. Jot down what makes sense for you.

Keep it in a place where you can both access it easily

Example of how to structure a session

You're free to run your sessions in any manner that works for you and your mentoring partner. However, if you’re unsure about how to get started, we suggest that you start off running it similarly to how you would a 1:1 meeting with your team lead. This link provides a good guideline for how to run a 1:1.

These are some good questions to address in each session:

  • Personal check-in
  • What has gone well in the last week?
  • What has not gone well in the last week?
  • What are you hoping to accomplish in the coming week?
  • What challenges do you anticipate?